Panoramic Awareness    

Panoramic awareness is the basic trust that the space is there already.
Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche

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Agile or Bust

This article attempts to put together a summary - a coherent basis for a modern-day organization to reassess the full value of its human capital. Businesses that restructure to foster happy and healthy employees always outperform the traditionally dispassionate and inflexible configurations.

Part One: Dark Ages

What does your Agile team look like?

In one possible future, books will be written, and courses will be taught, all trying to intellectualize how it was at all possible for reasonable people to be so beguiled and betrayed by their own emotions as to run any business in the backwards format that we consider normal today.

We will look back in astonishment and horror at the time when unnecessary personal sacrifices that broke up families, and shortened lives by decades were the norm, and we will be grateful that those dark times are in the past. Alas, at the moment of this writing, these times are now.

Industrialized countries possess technological infrastructure that makes 95% of all labour heuristic i.e. requiring a degree of creativity and independent thought, while the continuously dwindling 5% of jobs are algorithmic, where tasks are repetitive and require little ingenuity or individuality. There exist, however, hardly an occupation where task...

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