Panoramic Awareness    

Panoramic awareness is the basic trust that the space is there already.
Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche

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Writing is an important practice that offers practitioners a number of benefits. It teaches us to express ourselves coherently which, in its turn requires a certain almost meditative discipline of mind. Writing gives the author a unique perspective and the opportunity for feedback and self-analysis that is essential in forming and maintaining an inner core -- it reinforces one's personality, and is good for mental health. Finally, writing is a form of leadership, as writers wish to motivate the reader to follow them onto the next page.

As the Internet continues to permeate our lives deeper (sharing economy, cryptocurrency, AI chatbots, IoT, Android watches, etc.), it seems unnatural to not use the tools that are suddenly at our disposal. Indeed, it may take one an additional effort to keep away from posting on Instagram or Twitter. I often catch myself fighting the urge to start a YouTube channel. To put it differently, the world has changed -- today's technology allows us to make more things happen, and in new, often disruptive ways.

Although an almost parent-like concern about our ability to responsibly handle the newly discovered powers is understandable, akin to an invalid refusing cure for his handicap out of fear, it makes little sense to resist progress.

Considering the potential for improving the quality and the length of many, many people's lives, and the societal changes that the advent of technologies like the IoT is heralding, we would do good to remind each other of the magnitude of these issues, and perhaps study together to create a harmonious and humane world. And that is another good reason to have a blog with a perspective on Management, Leadership, Psychology and Technology.


This website is different from a regular blog that the Internet abounds with in that it has a multipronged function: besides hosting my content on the Web, it is also the proving ground for the fast CMS engine, NornCMS, and for the OpenVZ VPS server and firewall setup. The domain name is also hosted on a manually configured DNS server. The setup is often changing as I integrate new functionality, optimize and upgrade the system. In this endeavour I decided to not rely on security by obscurity, and will therefore publish the complete specs and step-by-step tutorials on setting up servers much like this one. And the code for NornCMS is available on Github.